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Building Bridges Entertainment Inc.
“Great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case, they are unique, poetic, products of the heart.” -Arthur Erickson

Building Bridges Entertainment, Inc. emphasizes on bridging the gap between our local community and entertainment, to gather us as one and create memories for a lifetime. Our name speaks for itself, we are continuously striving to build internally and amongst the community. Every day we are connecting and networking to innovate the most memorable experience to link a bridge of relationships, togetherness, and a time of enjoyment.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. ” -Muhammad Ali

Anyone who has encountered CEO Nathan “Down-South” Duckworth will instantly recognize his personable spirit and how passionate he is about building relationships. “Down-South” describes exactly what this man stands for. A southern Mississippian who cherishes family, love and hospitality. He does not take the act of loyalty lightly, as he has come from a multitude of downfalls alone. His strong faith and faithfulness to those around him has been one of the elements to reciprocating his struggles into successes.

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Shawndra Banks
“ Bringing quality entertainment to Kansas City again and again. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to and for investing in our city! Looking forward to more great events!! Keep it up!! Much love to you! ”
Charles Henderson
“ Good, respectful people that show love to the community...wishing them nothing but blessings as they continue to Build the Bridges for success. ”
Earl Belton
" Keep watching. Great things are on the way from this company and I'm glad to see them succeed and bring quality entertainment to our city. "
Katina Walker
“ One of the best establishments in the city!”